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Electronic Waste Warning works best in modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 9. All are free to download and will greatly improve your internet experience. If it plugs in, charges up, or takes batteries, it can't be disposed of in your trash because it could harm you or the environment. Find out about electronics regulations.  

This section shows you how to recycle old electronic devices and related items like cables, DVDs and more.

Cell Phones/Smart Phones

Little known fact: In California, retailers who sell cellular phones must have a way to collect them for recycling even if you didn't buy the phone from them. This is true whether they are brick and mortar stores, or online and provide a mail-back package. It's an example of product stewardship, and it's the law! They should also promote the program and be able to provide you with information about how they recycle unwanted phones. All thanks to the Cell Phone Recycling Act (AB 2901).

When your cell phone/smart phone takes a swim, jumps off a cliff, or gets run over by dad, make sure to take it to one of the locations listed on this page.

What if it still works?

If you still have a functioning device, but the screen is cracked or a hinge is broken, check out our Portable Electronics Repair page. If you have a functioning device but want an upgrade, look for locations outside Santa Barbara County for mail-in repair programs.

How do I delete my personal info?

Every phone has a way to delete or reset all the settings, delete your contacts, your text messages and more. If you already recycled your instruction booklet for your phone, you can check for instructions about your phone. The site is not affiliated with, and does require some of your personal info (name, email, etc.) but the directions are legitimate.

Where to go