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Hazardous Waste Warning works best in modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 8. All are free to download and will greatly improve your internet experience. Wastes in this section are dangerous to you and the environment. Handle them carefully and dispose of them properly. Legally, households may not transport more than 15 gallons of wet or 125 pounds of dry hazardous materials. Read about the regulation.

Fire Extinguishers

Due to their pressurized contents, fire extinguishers are considered hazardous waste when no longer usable. Please find your nearest household hazardous waste collection center in the "Where to Go" section below and call ahead for further instructions.

Fire Extinguishers

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

In November 2017, Kidde, a large fire extinguisher manufacturer, recalled more than 40 million fire extinguishers used in homes, vehicles, and boats. The extinguishers can become clogged, fail to discharge, or have nozzle detachment during a fire emergency. All of the affected models can be found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website.

If you have a recalled extinguisher, please contact Kidde to request a free replacement and instructions for returning the recalled unit. Kidde representatives can be reached at (855) 271-0773. Recalled fire extinguishers should not be taken to a local household hazardous waste collection center.

Where to go