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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Keeping stuff from being thrown away doesn't start with recycling. Find ways to reduce your trash. Look for ways to reuse or repair items that still function. Explore recyclable items that can't go into your blue bin.

This Section is Different!

Sometimes being different is a good thing. This is especially true for our Reduce & Reuse section. There are many items that do not need to be thrown away but can’t be put into your blue recycling bin or yard waste container. That’s where this section comes in. Check out the many ways to reduce your waste, reuse items, and finally recycle things that can’t go into your recycling bin. This section will take you above and beyond the average recycler!


The best way to deal with trash is not to make it in the first place! Check out these ways to reduce the amount of trash you produce. Repairing is one of the greatest ways to prevent waste. We hope to add more repair options to this site in the future.


One man’s trash is another’s treasure. How often have you thrown away something just because you’re done with it? If you’re willing to spend just a little time, you can donate your unwanted materials to someone in need.

Non Blue Bin Recycling

Glass Containers, Paper, Hard Plastic and Metal are all recyclable in your commingled recycling bin, but many additional items are also recyclable if taken to the right place.


More Tips

We partnered with our friends at Explore Ecology to create this video on more waste reduction tips. Great for adults and kiddos alike!

We can also reduce our environmental impact and the waste we create by making sustainable purchases. Buying durable products, choosing items made from recycled materials, and thinking about the environmental impact of how our belongings are made, are all ways we can reduce out impact. To help everyone make better purchases, we made this handy dandy guide, which can be viewed here.

The Complete Reduce & Reuse Section

The list below contains all the pages in this section. You may use it to navigate or search for items you have questions about.

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