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Learn how to better manage your waste in Isla Vista!

The County of Santa Barbara proudly provides solid waste management to Isla Vista residents. Isla Vista (IV) is a densely populated community in the unincorporated area of Santa Barbara County. A large portion of the 23,000 residents are college-aged students. This educated community cares about the environment and wants to do the right thing. If you live in IV, this page is for you! Click on each program below for more information. Please note: Even though IV and UCSB are neighbors, each has its own separate waste management program. Here are some resources for UCSB’s program.    

Isla Vista Programs 

  • Hazardous Waste and E-Waste

  • Bulky Items

    • Every Wednesday bulky items like unwanted furniture are picked up at the curb by MarBorg Industries. Items should be put out Tuesday night but no earlier than Tuesday afternoon. White goods, like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ovens are picked up on Thursdays and should be placed on the curb Wednesday evening.
    • MarBorg also offers bulky item pick-up every day during the annual move-out period. Move-out begins the Wednesday before graduation and lasts for two weeks. You can put out any bulky items at any time during this period. Remember: Depositing litter on private, open, or vacant property is a violation of Santa Barbara County Code and California Penal Code. Find more information on our Illegal Dumping page.
  • Textile Recycling

    • Textiles that are to worn to be donated can be dropped off for recycling at different locations throughout the county. Find more information on textile recycling here.
    • Extend the life of your items by donating them. Used clothes, home goods, and furniture can be used over and over again before being sent to the landfill. Organizations like GIVE, will accept donations of home goods to be used by new Isla Vista Residents. Clothing can be donated to Showers of Blessings or the Isla Vista Free Clothes Box.

Important Contacts

Business Food Scraps Collection: Mackie Forgey

IV Business Food Donation: Kaitlyn Haberlin

IV Code Enforcement: Ricardo Montelongo

Residential Collection Information: MarBorg

Useful Websites

If you're interested in joining or starting an eco-conscious club or group, connect with other folks who share the same interests through these local sites:

Click here for a list of County staff.

For more information on Isla Vista waste management programs, please call (805) 882-3600.


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