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Composting: The Benefits

Composting is nature's way of recycling. Yard waste and food waste are broken down and become food for plants.

Read about the benefits of composting here, or explore all our backyard composting information.

Why Compost?

Why compost?! Recycling at its natural best just isn't good enough for you?

Well then, here are some of the many other good reasons to compost...

Composting Reduces Waste

Organic wastes, such as food waste and yard waste, make up 25 to 50% of what people throw away. While you may not be able to compost all of the organic waste you generate, composting can significantly cut down on your overall trash.

When we throw away yard and food waste, it decomposes in a landfill and releases methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas. While most landfills have technology to capture much of this methane, eliminating the gas at its source is even better.

Compost is Great for Plants, Lawns, and Gardens

Applying compost to your soil makes for happy plants and a better time tending your garden. Here are some of the reasons why:

For Aerobic Compost

  • Increases organic matter in your soil.
  • Helps plants absorb nutrients already in your soil and provides some extra nutrients too.
  • Makes clay soils more airy and helps them drain better.
  • Makes clay and other soils more friable, which means they'll be easier to crumble and dig in.
  • Helps sandy soils retain water that normally runs through.
  • Helps balance the pH of your soil.
  • Can extend the growing season by moderating soil temperature.
  • Can even help control soil erosion!

For Worm Compost (Vermicompost)

  • Provides lots of nutrients.
  • "Tea" from the worm bin can be used in concentrated form as a mild weed killer.
  • "Tea" can also be watered down as a fertilizer.

Compost Conserves Resources

Composting at home can help conserve all sorts of resources:


Compost helps soak up water, slowly releasing it to plants. With enough compost in your soil, you won't have to water as much. Also, compost applied thickly as a top dressing has some of the benefits of mulching. It will keep water from evaporating from deeper levels.

Energy and Fuel

Composting at home not only keeps the material out of the landfill; it keeps the material from being transported too! Because many organic wastes contain a lot of water, they are some of the heaviest wastes. Not transporting these heavy wastes saves fuel and energy.

Composting Could Save You Money

If you're able to reduce the amount of trash you throw out, you could reduce your trash bill. Also, when you produce compost at home, you don't need to buy as much of it from the gardening store or nursery. Not too shabby!

Composting is Fun!

Okay, maybe "satisfying" is a better term. When you compost, you're much more aware of trash in general, and you're truly completing the recycling loop.

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