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Featured County Programs

Check out the Resource Recovery & Waste Management Division's introduction video below or click on one of the program links for more information about a particular topic of interest.

RRWMD Video 2014

Comprehensive Summary

For a detailed overview of the County's waste management and resource recovery efforts, please download our most recent Annual Report for Solid Waste Management Services (Fiscal Year 2022-23). The County updates the Annual Report each year. Check back to learn more about how our programs change throughout the years.

Most Popular Programs

  1. Single-Family Residential Recycling
  2. Multi-Family Residential Recycling
  3. Recycling Resource Guide for Santa Barbara County
  4. Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
  5. Backyard Composting, Compost Bin Sale, Composting Workshops
  6. Mulch and Green Waste Program
  7. Electronics Recycling Program
  8. Christmas Tree Recycling
  9. School Recycling
  10. Operation Medicine Cabinet
  11. Sharps Collection Program
  12. Illegal Dumping/Abandoned Vehicle Program
  13. Business Recycling Program
  14. Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County
  15. Construction Waste Recycling
  16. Recycling Market Development Zone Program
  17. Used Motor Oil Collection Program
  18. Resource Recovery Project
  19. Solid Waste Facilities
  20. Tajiguas Landfill Tours

For a quick overview of the County's three-bin waste collection system, check out our video here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the County of Santa Barbara Public Works Department, Resource Recovery & Waste Management Division.