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Reducing organic waste is a top priority for Californians and us here in Santa Barbara County. Cutting back on food waste and putting yard trimmings into our green bins are great ways to divert waste from the landfill. Find out more about yard waste recycling, composting, food waste reduction, and other ways to reduce organic waste in this section. Businesses can also get involved!

Organics Are a Big Deal

As of January 2022, Californians are required to divert all organic waste from the landfill, including food scraps, yard waste, paper products, and other organics. This law is called Senate Bill 1383, or SB 1383. Organic waste buried in landfills releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas and a major contributor to climate change. Businesses are also required to recycle organic waste, and some are required to donate edible food.

You can learn all about SB 1383 and how it affects Santa Barbara County by clicking here. Luckily, Santa Barbara County and our local cities have been working hard for years to recycle organics through many different programs, and these won’t change because of SB 1383. You can learn more about them and how to get involved below.

Organics at a Glance

Here in Santa Barbara County, residents and businesses can take advantage of numerous local programs to reduce organic waste. Check out what we’re doing below:

What Else Is In This Section?

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