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If it ain't broke, don't trash it!

Electronic products are upgraded at a rapid pace. If you absolutely need to upgrade or update one of your electronics, use the resources below to give still-working items to those in need.

The best way to reuse your old electronics is to find friends or neighbors who would be interested in having what you don't want. This is true for TVs, VCRs, stereos, computers, and all those other gadgets! If you can't find someone locally, try the resources below to resell, trade, or give away the items.

What if my electronic item is broken?

When electronics break, it's usually just one small component that's actually broken. Take a look at our computer repair or portable electronic repair pages to learn more about fixing items.

If your electronic gadget is completely broken, find recycling locations in our Electronics section. Keep in mind that because recycling takes more energy than reusing or repairing an item, we should aim to reuse and repair first.

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