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Refillable One-Pound Propane Cylinders

Single-use 1 LB propane containers are hazardous waste and should never be thrown away. When “empty,” single-use cylinders often still contain a small amount of gas, which can cause an explosion if punctured or compressed. Don't worry, we have some good news for you.

Once only provided as single-use disposables, one-pound propane cylinders are now sold in reusable form. These small cylinders are commonly used to power camping stoves, lanterns, and landscaping equipment. Reusable 1 LB propane containers are great for a few reasons:

  • Reusables save money because you only pay for the gas and filling service, not the container!

  • Reusables can last up to 10 years and can be refilled hundreds of time.​

  • Reusables reduce the impact on landfills and the environment.

Read more about California's Refuel Your Fun campaign, which promotes the use of refillable one-pound cylinders, by clicking here.

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Please call the retailer in advance to confirm their supply of refillable 1lb propane cylinders.

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