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Please contact locations directly if you have questions. Many sites are private companies and non-profits not affiliated with the County. Only they can answer all your questions.

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Junk Recyclers

Address: 6520 Platt Avenue #650
Phone: (800) GOT-JUNK
Will pick-up all types of materials e.g. appliances, books, bicycles, electronics, furniture, mattresses, medical equipment, etc. from households and businesses. A crew arrives generally within one to two days of receipt of the request. Upon arrival, the crew examines the material to be picked and provides the requesting party a cost figure based on the volume of materials and not the amount of time it takes to load the material into a truck. The requesting party then decides whether or not to have the material picked up; items cannot be heavier than what two people can lift. Every effort is made to recycle or donate the material that is picked up. No hazardous waste materials are accepted.

Materials Accepted

Address: 6520 Platt Avenue #650

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