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Recycled-Content Products

After getting picked up at the curb, our recyclables have a whole new life waiting for them. Whenever you can, choose recycled-content products to support the full life cycle of these recyclables.

Some of the many benefits of purchasing recycled-content products include:

  1. Conservation of natural resources and energy
  2. Reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Preservation of landfill space
  4. Support for small businesses
  5. Creation of jobs
  6. Fostering of new markets and competition

See the "Where to Go" section below for local companies that carry recycled-content products, such as:

  • Office supplies (e.g. paper, calendars, binders, notebooks, envelopes, etc.)
  • Plastic products (e.g. garbage liner bags, letter trays, trade show displays, etc.)
  • Automotive supplies (e.g. re-refined motor oil, antifreeze, oil absorbent materials, etc.)
  • Construction and remodeling supplies (e.g. paint, carpet, tiles, benches, etc.)
  • Restaurant and retail products (e.g. napkins, plates, cardboard boxes, cash register tape, wrapping paper, etc.)
  • Landscaping and gardening supplies (e.g. mulch, compost, compost bins, fencing, hoses, lawn furniture, etc.)

Where to go