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Best Buy

Phone: (800)732-9254.
Take-Back program: Consumers may bring up to two electronic items per day, per household, for recycling at any Best Buy store in the United States. Among the types of electronics accepted will be the following: televisions and computer monitors up to 32", computers [desktop and laptop with hard drive removed], VCR and DVD players, cell phones, small electronics, and accessories such as keyboards, mice, and remotes. The following items will NOT be accepted under this program: televisions and computer monitors with screens larger than 32", console televisions, items containing freon, microwaves, and appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, and dryers [customers are encouraged to use Best Buy's appliance haul-away and pick-up program). This program supplements Best Buy's existing recycling programs: Recycling kiosks just inside the front door of every store where consumers may drop off ink cartridges, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, and PDAs/smart phones for free recycling; Appliance and television haul away whereby Best Buy will pick up an old or obsolete appliance or television for free from a consumer's home when a new product is purchased and delivered by Best Buy Home Delivery or Geek Squad Home Theater Installation Service; Appliance and television pick-up: for $100, Best Buy will remove up to two appliance units or televisions for recycling - a $20 fee will be charged for each additional unit; Tech Trade-in: visit to trade in select lightly used electronics for a Best Buy gift card. For more information, please call (800)732-9254.

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