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Phone Books Opt-Out

Tired of receiving phone books on your doorstep? Nearly 70% of adults rarely or never use them. Are you one of them? If so, opt out of phone book delivery today! You'll save valuable natural resources and help eliminate waste.

In this technology-driven age, an increasing number of Americans are turning to online search engines while their phone books sit unused. Yet yellow pages companies continue to drop unwanted directories on our doorsteps. These directories are not only a nuisance, but a significant waste of resources:

  • Each year the phone books industry uses up an estimated 4.68 million trees worth of wood fiber, or 14 football fields' worth of forest per day.
  • The process of printing and delivering that unwanted phone book to your doorstep produces greenhouse gases equal to burning 8.8 pounds of coal.
  • Directories are a burden on local governments, who pay nearly $60 million annually in recycling and disposal fees for unwanted phone books.

Phone Book Opt Out Video

How Do I Opt Out of my Phone Book?

1. Visit

2. Enter your zip code and create an account

3. After completing registration, click "opt out of or order directories"

4. Choose "opt out of all" option, then "save changes" and hit CONFIRM

It's free, easy, and takes just 3 minutes!

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