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E-Waste Reduction For The Win!

Electronics are one of the fastest growing segments of our waste stream. Reusing electronics or recycling electronics is a start, but more can be done.

This page will help you find ways to reduce the amount of e-waste you produce.

Waste reduction requires thinking on a different level. Since everything that we dispose of as trash is something we brought into our homes willingly, we can stop a lot of it by asking the right questions. This is especially true with electronic waste.

Do you really need the latest?

Thinking carefully about whether or not you really need to buy the latest electronic equipment can be a challenge. Often what we have already fits our needs, but we become easily enticed by the bells and whistles of newer products. The marketing is hard to ignore. Be strong! If what you have works, consider sticking with it for a while. You can always upgrade later when it really matters.

Repair or upgrade instead of recycling

If something goes wrong with an electronic item, often only one component is actually broken, not the whole thing. Check out our computer repair page and portable electronics repair page for some great resources to fix it.

If you're in need of an upgrade, consider replacing individual components instead of the entire thing. Repair experts can help you identify which new components you need.

Donate old items and buy reused

Consider buying used electronics and reselling your old items from locations listed on our Electronics Reuse Page.

Refurbishing and leasing

Refurbished items are those that have been taken back by the manufacturer and inspected to make sure they still work. When you buy refurbished, you save money and reduce waste.

You can also save resources by leasing. It's a great way to stay up to date when needed, and the item will be passed on to someone else when you're done with it.

Additional Quick Tips:

  • Buy from companies that offer take-back programs
  • Choose products with less toxicity, greater recycled content, and higher efficiency
  • Use Rechargeable Batteries

Do you have more tips?

  • Please Contact Us if you have additional tips you would like to share.
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