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Resource Recovery & Waste Management Division Staff

Do you need to contact one of our staff directly? Not sure who does what? Please see below for a listing of who's who and what we do.

Some of us work remotely on certain days of the week. E-mail is a great way to connect, but we're still checking our voicemail and can return phone calls as well. Feel free to leave a message if we can't get to our phone.

Eddie Ando, Code Enforcement Officer, Unincorporated North County*: (805) 803-8769 or e-mail Eddie here

Sam Dickinson, Senior Program Specialist: (805) 882-3618 or e-mail Sam here

Mackie Forgey, Program Specialist: (805) 882-3613 or e-mail Mackie here

Kaitlyn Haberlin, Program Specialist: (805) 882-3603 or e-mail Kaitlyn here

Ricardo Montelongo, Code Enforcement Officer, Unincorporated South County*: (805) 681-4342 or email Ricardo here

Leslie Robinson, Program Manager: (805) 882-3615 or e-mail Leslie here

  • Oversight of all collection and materials management programs

Our Hazardous Waste Specialist can be reached at (805) 882-3602, and manages the following programs; Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center, Commercial food scraps collection, Santa Barbara County Green Business Program, & Textiles Reuse

Code Enforcement Notes:

* The County's Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division Code Enforcement Officers only cover the unincorporated areas of the county. If your complaint is within a city's jurisdiction, please call city staff. ** Abandoned or inoperable vehicles on a public road should be referred to local law enforcement.