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Sustainable Purchasing Guide from the RRWM

By Dec 09, 2023 - Reduce & Reuse

We’re all about reducing our waste here at RRWM, but we still make purchases nearly every day. The items we buy have a direct impact on the environment around us. We can mitigate this impact by trying to buy more sustainably. How do we do that? Well, that’s where our new Sustainable Purchasing Guide can help! View our handy dandy purchasing guide by clicking here. 

Learn all about the best types of materials to buy when you’re both at home and on the go, and what sustainable products you can expect to see in the future. Also, you can learn why reusable materials can be so great…but only if utilized correctly. This guide is especially useful when we are in the gift-giving season, but these tips can be used for year-round purchases as well.

When it comes to waste, we should always prioritize reducing consumption. Consciously choosing products and materials that have less of a negative impact on the environment is the next best thing and can even help us save money and have higher quality items!


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