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Baron Ranch Closure

By Aug 31, 2021 - Reduce & Reuse
In order to prevent the spread of wildfires, the Baron Ranch/Arroyo Quemado Trail is currently closed, and will remain closed until September 17, 2021. This is consistent with the state-wide closure of all California National Forests. Read more...

Give Old Clothes a New Life!

By Aug 30, 2021 - Reduce & Reuse
Textiles can be recycled in Santa Barbara! Old shirts, backpacks, matching pairs of shoes, and clean rags are accepted at the County’s South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station. Read more...

Olympic Medals Made from E-Waste!

By Aug 11, 2021 - Electronics
Did you notice anything special about the Olympics this year? We did! The Olympic medals were made out of e-waste! Click here to learn more about electronics recycling and what happens to our devices when we no longer want them. Read more...