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Christmas Tree Recycling

By Dec 26, 2023 - Organics
It’s that time again! Either have your tree picked up by your trash hauler or drop it off at a free collection site. Just remember to cut trees over 6-feet tall and remove all ornaments, tinsel, and stands prior to recycling. Read more...

Sustainable Purchasing Guide from the RRWM

By Dec 09, 2023 - Reduce & Reuse
Making sustainable purchases can help out the planet in so many ways. A lot of our individual environmental impact is directly related to the things that we buy, but some purchases we can’t avoid. There are ways to lessen our impact by making small tweaks and changes to the way we buy things that we want and need. Check out our new Sustainable Purchasing Guide in this article. Read more...

Reduce Your Waste this Holiday Season!

By Dec 01, 2023 - Reduce & Reuse
Keep your waste in check this holiday season! has a plethora of tips and tricks to prevent and reduce waste during the holidays. Check out this article to review some of our favorites. Read more...