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Crafty People Reuse

If you have goods that would be great for art and craft projects, use these locations to get them into the right hands.

Or visit these locations yourself for more supplies!

Have your kids finally moved out but you're still holding on to their old markers, paints, and the like? Or maybe you've decided, once and for all, to give up that painting hobby that never really took? Good news! If there's still paint in the tube or ink in the marker, someone out there likely wants your stuff.

Sites listed on this page are good places to unload your art and craft supplies without loading up a trash truck.

What about recycling art and craft supplies?

If your supplies are used up, it's best to throw them away. Or you can take a hint from Art From Scrap and make some art out of them yourself!

Crayons are the exception. They can be recycled, so check out our crayon recycling page if you have a bunch of crayon nubs left over.

How do I know if these locations want my _____?

Don't be shy, give them a call!

Where to go