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Clothing Reuse and Recycling

Clothing that is still wearable can be donated to thrift stores or sold online.

Further reduce waste by purchasing from the locations listed here.

Reduce Clothing Waste

Our grandparents knew all the ways to keep their wardrobe alive for years, including mending clothes instead of throwing them away. While they aren't included on this page, there are many seamstress services in the area that can help keep your favorite clothes in great shape.

Close the Loop!

An integral part of reducing clothing waste is to purchase items from thrift stores and other used clothing locations. Even buying vintage clothing is waste reduction! If you're ambitious you can host a clothing swap party to give away your old clothes and get "new to you" clothing for free!

Reuse Clothing

Find homes for old clothing by giving it to family, neighbors, and community members in need. The locations listed below are primarily thrift stores and online markets for used clothing. These sites often accept shoes as well.

Clothing Recycling

Your old textiles can be cut up and used for projects like quilts, rugs, and patchwork. Or you can use them for rags around the house. Textile Waste Solutions actually recycles clothing into rags right here in Santa Barbara County. Check out our athletic shoe recycling page for athletic shoes that are beyond wearable.

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