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Don't be fooled by these rigid packaging products; they're just a different form of paper. If you have clean cardboard or paperboard items, please recycle them at home or at the locations below.

What about clean moving boxes?

If you have boxes that are good enough to reuse, please check out our Packaging Material Reuse page.

What about pizza boxes?

Okay, you got us. Dirty pizza boxes are not recyclable because the oil from the cheese contaminates the paper, making it useless for recycling. This is true for dirty paper plates as well. Clean cardboard is what we are talking about.

What else isn't recyclable?

In addition to food-contaminated pizza boxes, some types of cardboard that are waxed or coated in plastic, such as milk cartons, Tetra-Pak containers, frozen food containers, and take-out food containers, are all paper trash.

Where to go