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Ongoing Hazardous Waste Disposal Options in Santa Barbara County

Limited travel time got you decluttering at home? Still don’t know what to do with that old car battery? Well, we’re here to help.

Hazardous waste should NOT go in the trash! It’s illegal as well as extremely unsafe.

What exactly is hazardous waste?

Many household items are considered hazardous. Hazardous wastes are materials that are either flammable, corrosive, highly reactive, or poisonous. A list of common hazardous items can be found here. In general, hazardous items can usually fit into these categories: batteries, painting products, automotive fluids, fluorescent lights and mercury, sharps and pharmaceutical waste, and cleaning products.

Many locations throughout Santa Barbara County accept hazardous waste, but remember, all locations and materials are different. Some sites only service residents who live in specific jurisdictions, or only take certain materials. Click here for a list of all locations.

If you have questions about a specific material, follow these steps to find out how to dispose of it:

  • Type the specific material into our search bar above.
  • Click on the page for your material.
  • Scroll down to see where it will be accepted.
  • Click on a facility to see more information.
  • Take your hazardous waste to the facility.
  • And done!

We always recommend calling each location ahead of time to make sure that your material is accepted and when you can drop it off, especially now that COVID has changed operations and procedures for some businesses.

We thank everyone for doing their part in responsibly handling their waste!

As always, if you have any more questions, contact us here or call (805) 882-3603.

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