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Aerosol Can Warning

The pressurized contents of aerosol cans make them dangerous. If any material is left inside the can, it's considered hazardous waste and should be taken to one of the locations listed at the bottom of the page.

What Types of Cans are Aerosols?

If a can is designed to spray out its contents, it is an aerosol can. Examples include spray paint, hair spray, room deodorizers, and many more.

What if it is COMPLETELY empty?

Alright, if the can is completely empty — which means it does not make any sound when you press on the top — you can put it in your recycling bin. You can make sure the aerosol can is empty by pointing the can at something you don't mind spraying and pressing the top. If anything comes out of the can or you hear a hissing noise, you can either completely empty it out or dispose of it as hazardous waste.

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