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Propane Tanks

In household use, propane tanks provide a convenient energy source for barbeques and small camping stoves. Not surprisingly, the propane itself is flammable, so make sure to store your tank away from sources of heat.

What about empty tanks?

If you no longer need your propane tank (empty or otherwise), drop it off at one of the collection sites below. Even empty tanks, from the larger 20-pound size to the small 1-pounders, are considered hazardous waste due to their pressurized nature.

Please note that prior to drop-off, some sites require the valve to be removed (for larger tanks) or the tank to be punctured (small tanks). Make sure to call the location ahead of time for specific instructions.

Can I exchange my tank?

Yes! Visit our Propane Tank Exchange page for more info.

Can I refill my tank?

Yes! You can now purchase refillable 1 LB propane tanks and have them refilled. Please visit our Propane Tank Reuse page for a list of local retailers that sell refillable one-pound cylinders. Larger BBQ style tanks are refilled and through exchange programs.

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