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Hazardous Waste Warning works best in modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 8. All are free to download and will greatly improve your internet experience. Wastes in this section are dangerous to you and the environment. Handle them carefully and dispose of them properly. Legally, households may not transport more than 15 gallons of wet or 125 pounds of dry hazardous materials. Read about the regulation.

California's New PaintCare Program Expands Collection Sites

In October 2012, seven paint stores in Santa Barbara County began collecting old paint from the public as part of a new program operated by the paint industry group PaintCare. A year later, Santa Barbara County now has 19 free PaintCare sites. Read more by clicking here

Hazards of Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint contains pigments and petroleum products that can be dangerous to humans and the environment. The vapors from oil-based paint can be especially noxious. Those who are routinely exposed to paint vapors are more likely to develop respiratory problems, liver and kidney damage, and other serious ailments. When painting indoors, make sure to properly ventilate the area to avoid irritating your eyes, skin, and lungs.

Can I donate my leftover paint to a reuse program?

If your paint is still in good condition, some collection facilities will make it available to the public through a reuse or exchange program. The paint should be in its original container (with a legible label!) and be free of contaminants. If you're in need of paint, try calling one of the collection centers ahead of time to see if they have the color you're looking for.

Avoid leftover paint altogether!

It's easy: Buy only what you need. Before heading to the paint store, use this list of online calculators provided by PaintCare to determine how much paint is required for the job. All it takes is a few quick measurements of the room(s) you're planning to paint.

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