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Status of County Transfer Stations During Social Distancing Mandate

By Mar 24, 2020

The South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station (SCRTS) and the Santa Ynez Valley Recycling and Transfer station (SYVRTS) are currently open to the public, as they're deemed an essential part of our community's waste management services. These facilities will continue to receive materials for proper management and disposal.

To protect the community and our staff while under the social distancing mandate, Public Works is requesting that only essential materials be brought to our facilities during this time. We're asking our customers to minimize the use of these facilities by delaying disposal of non-essential materials, until the social distancing mandate is lifted. These non-essential materials would include anything that could be retained without causing a health and sanitation concern.

We're also encouraging customers to utilize non-cash payment methods. Both transfer stations accept major credit cards and debit cards, as well as checks. Business customers can also set up an account with Public Works by contacting our Accounting Department at 805-568-3129 or emailing a request to

We appreciate your cooperation and your consideration in assisting us with providing this essential service to our community.

For the latest updates on COVID-19 locally, including guidelines for protecting yourself and your family members, please visit

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