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For decades steel has been one of the most recycled materials. In fact, depending on the type of steel, 80-100% of the steel in the product has already been recycled! Keep up this good work and keep your steel out of the trash.

What about stainless steel?

There are several different alloys called steel, including stainless. Don't worry; they're all recyclable, so throw them in your blue bin.

What about cans?

Steel cans are probably the most common recyclable steel. Just remember, partially full Aerosol Cans are hazardous waste.

What if I have rebar or large scraps?

Large scraps can be taken to many of the locations listed below. If in doubt, just give them a call. Also, if you have appliances made out of steel, please take a look at our large appliance and small appliance pages to properly dispose of them.

Where to go

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