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That's Good Wood!

Don't treat your untreated wood like trash!

The wood in pallets and other untreated wood products can be recycled into high quality mulch. Find where to take it on this page.

That's right, your wood is great feedstock for high quality mulch. The good stuff. Okay, it really isn't THAT different from our great County Mulch, but it is a different color which some people like.

As long as the wood is free of preservatives, it will easily break down and help nourish the soil. Wood should be free of paint as well.

What about nails in the pallets?

Many grinding machines have a nail collection system that removes nails from mulch. The metal recovered from the nails is then recycled. No nails in the mulch, and more metal to recycle: It's a win-win!

What about Treated and Painted Wood?

Treated wood is not suitable for this purpose and has its own seperate page on our site. Check out the details here.

Where to go