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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Keeping stuff from being thrown away doesn't start with recycling. Find ways to reduce your trash. Look for ways to reuse or repair items that still function. Explore recyclable items that can't go into your blue bin.

Buying and Selling Used

Everyone is familiar with pre-owned cars, but you may not think of this as a waste prevention technique. Driving and maintaining even a clunker uses less materials than building a new car. And we all know how much less expensive it is. Some locations listed below will help you sell your still functioning vehicle.

What if it's Broken?

Repairing almost always uses less resources than buying new. However, if the car is really broken, it can be reclaimed for its valuable metal and parts.

What about Donation?

There are also a number of non-profits locally and nationally that will accept your vehicle as a donation. If you have a local non-profit you would like to donate to, call to see if they have a vehicle donation program. Below are some examples:

Where to go