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Olympic Medals Made from E-Waste!

By Aug 11, 2021 - Electronics

This year's Olympics featured some great sustainability initiatives, including recyclable cardboard beds, and electricity that comes from 100% renewable energy. Additionally, all of the Olympic medals were made from recycled electronics.

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics collected 47,000 tons of tech waste and 5,000,000 cell phones to make 5,000 medals for the games. Gold, silver, and bronze metals were extracted from the electronics.

In 2020, 324,320 pounds, or 162.16 tons, of electronics were collected in Santa Barbara County and processed in Ventura County. At the processing facility, copper wires are stripped, and devices are separated into various individual materials. Once separated, these materials are sold and used to create new items like copper pipe, car parts, or other electronics.

Electronics are highly recyclable and contain valuable materials. They should never go into the trash! Visit our electronics recycling page to learn were you can take your e-waste in Santa Barbara County. There are many drop-off locations, and your waste hauler can even come pick up larger electronics or appliances from your home!