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CD’s, DVD’s, and Old Tapes Now Accepted at County Facilities!

By May 04, 2023 - Electronics

CD's, DVD's, and unused audio and video cassette tapes are once again locally recyclable! For many years, local recycling options for these materials were limited. With streaming services now dominating the market, many folks want to recycle their old disks, but didn't have a place to go. Now, we can accept disks and other video and audio tapes at local County operated transfer stations with other items in our electronic waste program! See below for location details.

South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station

Address: 4430 Calle Real
Phone: (805) 681-4345

Santa Ynez Valley Recycling and Transfer Station

Address: 4004 Foxen Canyon Road
Phone: (805) 686-5080

CD's and DVD's will be combined with other electronic wastes to be processed. Disks are crushed and recycled with other plastics derived from electronics. Disks and tapes should never go in your blue bin for recycling. Like all electronic waste, they require special processing and must be dropped off at the acceptable locations listed above.

Please note that disks and tapes are not accepted in all electronic waste programs. Santa Barbara County residents should stick to the locations above for disk and tape recycling. If you are outside the County, please call your local solid waste facility ahead of time to make sure your materials are accepted before dropping them off.

Audio and visual tapes such as film reels are not recyclable and should still be landfilled. 100% metal and some plastic film canisters can be recycled in the blue bin once the film is removed.