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Oil Debris From Refugio Oil Spill

We appreciate our local community's concern regarding the recent Refugio oil spill. While many have expressed a desire to participate in the cleanup, please note that the collection and transportation of the oil debris by the general public is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the debris cannot be accepted at the County's Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center.

If you have already collected oil debris at one of the affected beaches, please contact hazardous waste personnel on site to remove the material or notify the Unified Command Center at (805) 696-1188. 

If you see oiled birds or mammals, please contact one of the following:  

These organizations are most knowledgeable about how best to capture and treat oiled wildlife without causing more stress and injury to the animal. If you see oiled areas that you believe the emergency services groups are not aware of, you can contact the Office of Emergency Services at (805) 681-5526.

If you're interested in volunteering, please visit California Volunteers.