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Worms Eat My Garbage!

It's the title of a great book on worm composting, and it gets the point across right away! Vermicomposting is using worms to eat primarily leftover food waste to make compost.

The vermi in vermicomposting is German for worm, hence "worm composting." Vermicomposting uses primarily food waste and is great for apartment dwellers, as it requires a small footprint and doesn't generate smells.

If you generate lots of yard waste in addition to food waste, you're better off choosing an aerobic composting option. You'll find details on our Home Composting Page.

What kind of worms are used?

A specific type of surface feeding worm, the Red Wiggler, is used for vermicomposting. Most worms live deep in the soil and only come to the suface to eat. Red Wigglers, however, like to spend most of their time at the surface, living in the food they eat. They're very good eaters, too. Would you believe that these little guys can consume their whole body weight in just one day? They're perfect for vermicomposting.

In addition to food scraps, your vermicomposters will also eat their bedding material, most commonly newspaper. Other materials work well, too. Get the full details in our Composting ABC's booklet, available for download in English and Spanish.

What about the sites listed below?

Some of the locations sell worm bins; others sell the worms. Often they sell both, but make sure to check the listing depending on what you're looking for. You can also check your local farmers market. And of course, we at the County are always here to help if you contact us with your questions.

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