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Business Food Scraps Collection

Reducing organic waste is a top priority for Californians and us here in Santa Barbara County. Cutting back on food waste and putting yard trimmings into our green bins are great ways to divert waste from the landfill. Find out more about yard waste recycling, composting, food waste reduction, and other ways to reduce organic waste in this section.

Does your business end up with leftover food scraps? Would you like that material to find a local reuse as compost? Are you willing to make the effort to see that happen? And finally, is your business located on the South Coast?

If the answer is YES, contact us to learn more about our food waste collection service:

  • South Coast Unincorporated Areas (Isla Vista, Summerland, Montecito): 805-882-3600 or use our contact form
  • City of Santa Barbara: 805-564-5627
  • City of Goleta: 805-961-7565

Staff will work with your business to:

  1. Identify the amount of acceptable food scraps your business generates.
  2. Provide guidelines to help your staff understand what materials go into the designated containers.
  3. Analyze your trash bill to help your business add the new food collection service at minimal or no extra cost.
  4. Assist with periodic monitoring and feedback to help keep the program on track.

Food Forward Food Assortment

What will be collected under this program?

What materials are NOT acceptable?

  • Meat, bones, or fish
  • Metals, glass, or plastics
  • Liquids, oils, or grease
  • Nothing from the bathroom (thank you very much!)

Are plastic bags to contain the food scraps okay?

Yes, you can put your food scraps in clear plastic bags.

Call or e-mail us today!

For helpful tips on reducing food waste, download our Food Forward booklet.

Remember, SB 1383 requires commercial business to recycle their organic waste.

Click here to learn more about SB 1383.

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