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Sometimes You Need a Recycling Reminder

Posters, magnets, stickers, and more! Check out all of our waste reduction resources below.

If you're starting a recycling program at your school, business, or home, you probably want to have some reminders around to help you know what is recyclable and what isn't. That's where these materials come in handy. Everything listed on this page is free. You can print them yourself or send us a request for hard copies.


First off, our best source for all things recycling and waste related is the Less Is More Guide. It is so good we gave it its own page. Check out the ultimate source on the Recycling Resource Guide page.

What's Recyclable? Materials

We have posters, papers, magnets and stickers all devoted to this subject. If you need a sticker for your outdoor recycling container, it's best to contact your waste hauler. Otherwise, contact us and we can send you one of the following:

Recycling at Schools and Businesses

We have some special materials for schools and businesses to explain the benefits of recycling. Print them out and share them with your coworkers!

Yard Waste Materials and Songs!

Just like you may want to see what's recyclable and what isn't you may want to know more about what is Yard Waste and what isn't. Plus, our Award Winning Songs!

And don't forget Composting!

And Mulch!

While not our most exciting hand-out, this form is important if you want to order Mulch from the County of Santa Barbara.

Hazardous Waste

Electronic Waste

You got all that?

Whew. That was a lot of info.

Don't forget you can always contact us for hard copies of anything you see here.

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