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AB 1276 Complaint Form

AB 1276 builds on California’s existing efforts to combat waste from single-use items. Providing food and beverage accessories only upon request to customers will significantly reduce unnecessary waste and save businesses and local governments money.

Please only use this form if making a complaint of a gross violation of AB 1276.

AB 1276 Business Violation Notice

Residents can submit complaints here in regards to AB 1276.

  • Complaints cannot be anonymous. Must enter first and last name. Please note that businesses may face fines if a certain number of violations have occurred. You may be required to testify if business is fined and the fine is challenged.

    By filing a complaint to the County of Santa Barbara Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division, it is understood that the business in violation may be fined and the individual filing the complaint may be required to testify in the case of the fine being brought to court. Additionally, the individual confirms that the violation is true and has evidence proving the violation.