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Please contact locations directly if you have questions. Many sites are private companies and non-profits not affiliated with the County. Only they can answer all your questions.

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Take-Back Program:

Through a partnership with Eco-International, Lenovo offers to consumers and small businesses a recycling service for computer systems and accessories. The program encompasses any Lenovo product and select IBM products, including system units, monitors, keyboards, and mice. Equipment from other manufacturers may be recycled as well depending on the age and condition of the equipment being returned. As part of this service, Lenovo will arrange for free shipping of any Lenovo PC and select IBM PCs via UPS to Eco-International. Eco -International will recycle as much of the computer system and accessories as possible and will dispose of the remainder in an environmentally sound manner. For more information about this program, visit:

For large enterprise customers

Lenovo's Asset Recovery Service offers solutions for larger quantities of equipment from any manufacturer, including Lenovo. For more information on this program, visit:

Materials Accepted


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