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No Search Results?

Here are some suggestions.

Our search is mostly Materials & Items

This includes things like "aluminum" or "computer monitors". We also include some programs like business recycling.

Use less words

Try "batteries" instead of "Where do you dispose of batteries".

Be less specific

Try "cell phone" instead of "Blackberry Torch".

We're in Santa Barbara County

If you are in another part of the United States, or a different country, thanks for visiting, but you aren't going to find what you want here. Head back to Google and try again!

What isn't in the search?

Other information on our site includes Events, Blog Articles, and Locations but these are not found in the search.

Locations where you can dispose of materials are listed at the bottom of the material page. The only locations you can find in the search are our County Operated Waste Facilities.

Contact us if you can't find it!

Don't be shy, we know we don't have 100% of what you need on this site. Use our Contact Form and send us your request.