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Private Citizen, Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 233
Phone: (630) 393-2370
For an annual membership fee of $10.00, this company notifies the eight largest direct-mail companies to remove your name from their lists. Also, for an annual membership fee of $20.00, this company will list you in the “Private Citizen Directory,” a do-not call list sent to over 1,500 local and national junk call firms and list sellers in the United States. Private Citizen notifies these junk call firms of your unwillingness to be junk called or to have your name sold. The firm also advises them of their need to pay a $500 fee to you each time they contact you for a solicitation. Any phone solicitation is considered a junk call, including sales, nonprofit, survey, and political calls.

Materials Accepted

Address: P.O. Box 233

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