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Read this first. Who you gonna call?

If you live in a City, such as Santa Barbara or Santa Maria, you want to call one of the City Offices.

If you live in the County, take a look at the programs below to call the right staff person. is run by the County of Santa Barbara, so if you have questions about one of the programs you have read about on this website, please contact the right staff person.

Reception, Administration, Information:

Shannon Barcelona (805)

Waste Haulers, Waste collection services, 

Tom Chiarodit

Electronic Recycling, Medicine, Used Oil

Leslie Robinson

Conversion Technology, Construction and Demolition, Unscheduled haulers

Carlyle Johnston

Hazardous Waste Collection Center, 

Jody Rundle

North County Illegal Dumping, excluding Cuyama Valley

Eddie Ando

South County Illegal Dumping, including Cuyama Valley

Brad Spencer

Mulch Delivery

Joey Costa

Business Recycling, Green Business Program, RMDZ Loans

Alan Nakashima, Coastal Cleanup Day, Backyard Composting, School Recycling

Jeff Simeon (805) 882-3618