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2004 Green Awards

The Green Award Program honored local schools, businesses and nonprofit organizations from 1994 until 2007.

This program has been replaced with a more comprehensive Green Business Program

2004 Green Award Recipients

These recipients were honored in 2004 for taking actions above and beyond their basic missions to protect, preserve, and improve the environment in such areas as solid waste reduction and recycling, water conservation, energy conservation, hazardous waste reduction and recycling, and prevention and reduction of pollution of the air, water, and soil. Take a look at our Green Awards Archives for more information about the retired program.

University of California - Santa Barbara, Housing & Residential Services

UCSB's Housing & Residential Services' (H & RS) commitment to the environment, both on campus and in our community, is extraordinary. Its list of programs includes efforts as varied as recycling in residence halls to reduced storm water runoff through the use of bioswales. Their comprehensive recycling program diverts hundreds of tons of material from the landfill annually. These materials range from mixed paper and cardboard to batteries, oil, furniture, cooking oil and more. Their MOVE-OUT program collects clothing, books, kitchen goods, unused food, etc. from residence halls and apartments for donation to the Isla Vista GIVE sale and other local and regional charities. H & RS composts vegetable waste from dining commons and landscape green waste. Renewable energy programs in five residence halls reduce natural gas usage by 30 - 40% annually. Water conservation measures include a new system to recycle water along the food tray cleaning area, reducing water use over 30%. Clean air efforts include an impressive alternative transportation program and installation of low-emitting boiler burners.

Great White Dental Lab

Great White Dental Lab in Santa Maria makes teeth that are fired in electric powered porcelain furnaces. They are a leader in making the business case for solar power. They recently installed a 100% net metering solar photovoltaic system that supplies more than 100% of Great White Dental's power needs and sends excess power to the grid. On weekends, the solar array provides enough power for 264 homes. The system is installed on an elevated carport structure which serves as a covered carport for employee cars. The reduced power demand benefits our air quality and moves toward energy independence. In addition to their dedication to reducing their energy use, Great White Dental is also committed to recycling and buying office products containing recycled content. They minimize their use of hazardous materials and subsequent hazardous waste, by using warm water and Simple Green in their industrial cleaning process whenever possible. They work toward water efficiency in their process by using a "dry trimming" process as much as possible versus "wet trimming" that requires water.

Monte Vista School

Monte Vista School, an elementary school in the Hope School District, works to educate both its students and the public about taking care of our community's environment. School children and teachers cultivate a native plant nature trail featuring four habitat areas that are open to the public. The trail features drought-tolerant landscaping and includes signs and environmental education opportunities. Monte Vista sets an example for all schools with its comprehensive school-wide co-mingled recycling program. To run this program they work with the Community Environmental Council, MarBorg Industries, and student volunteers from UCSB. They hold a weekly farmer's market with organic produce from the school garden. On the district level, Hope School District has a nutrition committee working on bringing locally grown organic produce into the school lunch programs. The school custodial staff follows the Green School requirements, using less-toxic cleaning and ground maintenance supplies. Monte Vista students also participate in Bike to School day and are encouraged to walk, bike or carpool to school.

Kanaloa Seafood

Kanaloa Seafood in Santa Barbara recently became the first seafood processor and distributor in North America and Europe to become ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 standards are voluntary environmental standards recognized around the world and require a business to set environmental objectives and develop an environmental management plan to achieve the goals. ISO 14001 also requires a certified business focus on pollution prevention and continuous improvement. Kanaloa Seafood has reduced water use by more than 30% through employee training, changes in operating procedures, monthly water leak inspections, and installation of water saving devices in restrooms. They have developed a new packing material system that is 100% recyclable and made of recycled content material - this stands out in an industry where current packing practices use packing material that is not recyclable. Kanaloa separates wastes to allow for increased recycling and makes waste fish available for use as bait by local fisherman. They also work with their vendors and customers to promote sustainable fisheries.