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2003 Green Awards

The Green Award Program honored local schools, businesses and nonprofit organizations from 1994 until 2007.

This program has been replaced with a more comprehensive Green Business Program

2003 Green Award Recipients

These recipients were honored in 2005 for taking actions above and beyond their basic missions to protect, preserve, and improve the environment in such areas as solid waste reduction and recycling, water conservation, energy conservation, hazardous waste reduction and recycling, and prevention and reduction of pollution of the air, water, and soil. Take a look at our Green Awards Archives for more information about the retired program.


DesignARC, a local architectural firm, has a number of on-going programs that provide exceptional environmental benefits. Their offices are housed in a "recycled" space within an old lemon packing building in the industrial area of Santa Barbara and their recycling efforts (glass, paper, plastic, waste plot paper) reduce their trash by about 20% to 30%. The firm has also implemented energy conservation efforts through the installation of stage lighting systems and switching off lights during office hours to reduce cooling loads and lighting costs. In addition, DesignARC has asked its cleaning company to use only non-toxic cleaning products. Bicycle parking is provided and carpooling is encouraged whenever possible. Principals of the firm regularly volunteer their time to teach architectural design and sustainable design principles to local elementary school children to educate them on the importance of sustainability. DesignARC has also donated time and effort to develop project literature to educate the general public about sustainable and green building practices.

Discoveries Learning Center

Discoveries Learning Center in Santa Barbara has an excellent environmental ethic as demonstrated through various environmental activities they undertake. The preschool has a "trashless lunch" policy, which directs parents to send lunches in reusable plastic containers. When the program was implemented, instructors taught the children about reducing, reusing and recycling trash to give them an understanding of why the trashless lunch policy was important. This program not only educates the children, but the parents as well so that even when their child starts school, the parents will also continue to practice waste minimization with regard to their children's lunches. The Center also has a worm bin and composts organic wastes and purchases Energy Star appliances. Craft activities incorporate recycled materials from Art from Scrap and scrap paper is either used for children's art or made into notepads for the instructors. School field trips have involved the use of MTD busses to introduce the children to public transportation and to teach the importance of using alternatives to driving alone. These activities not only instill in the children a sense of responsibility to the environment from an early age, but also provide a message that they can share with their parents.

Intri-Plex Technologies

As a local metal stamping plant that produces parts for computers, Intri-Plex Technologies has the potential to use a lot of hazardous chemicals. However, the firm has used creative thinking to pioneer new processes that increase part performance while protecting the environment. Existing equipment was changed to be more efficient, manufacturing specifications were improved and water-soluble oils were selected to reduce their requirement for toxic cleaning chemicals. As a result, solvent/chemical use went from 1350 lbs. down to 0 lbs. last year. Intri-Plex Technologies also implemented a recycling program for paper, cardboard, and toner cartridges and hosted a Transportation Fair to educate their employees on using alternative means of transportation for the daily commute. In addition, Intri-Plex Technologies employees formed a "Fun Committee" to work on conservation efforts and quality of life issues. These activities demonstrate a business with a corporate culture that is environmentally aware and cares about the health of its employees.


"livingreen", a local retailer specializing in green building materials, conducts its daily business operations with an eye on environmental protection. The firm uses environmentally safe cleaning products, recycles cardboard, plastic, paper waste, plastic bags and toner cartridges and takes bubble wrap to local packaging stores for reuse. The company requires that the products it sells be non-toxic, energy efficient, made from recycled content, packaged with environmentally sustainable materials, and delivered efficiently and ecologically. Whether it's riding bikes to work, planting drought tolerant plants, or turning off the lights when they aren't in use, the environmental philosophy of the company remains at the forefront of employees' actions. The company participates in Earth Day events, the Annual Parade of Green Buildings, the Green Building Alliance, adult education and community event presentations. The firm has also published articles in Casa Santa Barbara on new and exciting green products, green practices and healthy solutions.