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Take a Tour our New Site! has changed its look and has more information, but the mission is still the same.

We want to make it easy for you to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Santa Barbara County.

Take a tour of our new site and check out our new features!

Come in, take a look around!

You may have noticed a couple of changes around here lately. At least we hope you have! Our original site was built in 1999, and it was due for an update!

Sure, cosmetically we look a little different, but lift up the hood and you will see some seriously awesome changes around here. Use the links below to find out more about the different changes to


Google was just a fledgeling when we first launched our site so we didn't have a search. Now we do. The search bar searches all of our Materials. Basically, if you have a material you want to recycle, you can find information about it using the search. There is also information about our programs available through the search.

This information was collected while we were producing our Recycling Resouce Guide, and it includes all areas of Santa Barbara County, as well as some sites outside of our area.

Our search is autocompleteing and it has different specific items grouped. For instance, if you type in "vacuum" you will get "Small Appliances" in the auto complete. Quickly find out where to take your busted vacuum!

The search doesn't search the blog, events or home section of the site. You will have to use the links located on the site to get to these areas.


Materials and programs are grouped into different sections - the main tab links you see at the top of the page. Each section page introduces you to the materials in that section and there is a complete list of the materials in that section at the bottom of each section page. Home and event sections are a little different from many of the sections. Mainly, there aren't different materials associated with these sections. Here is the quick run down:


The Home shows the newest entries into our Blog; usually some cool recycling program that is just starting or some interesting recycling information. Read more about the Blog below.The home page also lists our events in an abridged manner.

Along the top of the Home section there are some important links, such as About Us, Recycling Guide, our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These links don't show up in the search, so you have to go to the Home section first to find them.


If it goes into your blue recycling bin, you will find it in this section. You might be surprised at how much really can go in your blue bin.

Reduce & Reuse

Includes tips to reduce your waste, ways to reuse and repair your items or find them a new home. This section also includes recyclables you have to take to special locations. Asphalt, which is a type of construction and demolition waste, is recyclable but not in your blue bin. That is why you find it in this section.

Yard Waste

Includes information about your Green Waste Bin, as well as a bevy of composting pages and other pages devoted to organic types of waste.

Hazardous Waste

Pills, toxic chemicals, batteries and other things that really could hurt you or the environment are in this section. Proceed with caution!


This section is there to help you dispose of the computer, cell phone or other portable electronic you are using right now after it breaks on you.


Some of our waste is just that. Waste. Lucky for us, this site helps us prevent a lot of it, but it still happens. This section also includes contact information for your waste hauler and local government agencies that deal with trash.


The Events tab has an expanded list of events, showing some that are even months in advance. Events are usually related to a waste type. For instance, we will list our annual composting workshops, annual hazardous waste collection events, and even different habitat restoration projects too! Don't forget to mark your calendar. See more about the events pages below.

Material and Program Pages

These are the pages that show up in the search.

Program pages will just have information about the program in question. For instance, our School Recycling page will tell you all about setting up a recycling program at your school. These pages will not list any locations

Material pages will include a few facts about the materials in the main column. They will include some information in the side column for further reading. Most importantly, they include a list of locations that will accept the materials for reuse or recycling.

Locations (aka Where To Go)

The locations are grouped by area, so finding the place near you should be really easy! Clicking on your area will reveal the specific locations near you, and you can choose the one nearest to you.

Most of the locations listed on are private businesses. The facilities that are run by the County of Santa Barbara are marked with a star (*) so you know we are the ones to contact about that facility. For instance, our South Coast Recycling & Transfer Station is listed as *South Coast Recycling & Transfer Station.

Read more about our Locations below.

Related Events, Materials and Articles

Along the right side are related events, related materials and related articles. For events, if you are looking at home composting and there is a workshop in your area coming up soon, we want you to know. The side bar will tell ya. Also, if you change your own Motor Oil, you may be looking for a place to take your Antifreeze too. That is why related materials are listed in the side bar. Finally, Articles that have something to do with the material you are reading about could tell you even more!

Location Pages

Location pages have some guiding information about the location and a complete list of materials accepted at that location. That way, you can see if you can bring your antifreeze, motor oil and motor oil filters to the same place.

There may be fees or charges associated with using some of the facilities on Most of the sites are privately run businesses. If you have a question about fees, call ahead to find out what they may be.

County run facilities may also have fees associated with them. It costs money to separate recycables! County run facilities are marked with a star (*) at the begining of their name. For example, *South Coast Recycling & Transfer Station.

In the side bar there is a map, the address and other contact information. It is always a great idea to contact a location before you make a trip, especially if you aren't 100% sure that they will take what you have.


We were regularly posting new information to our home page anyway. If we find out a great new way people are recycling or reusing goods, we want you to know about it. Why not make that information a blog that people can browse for ages? That's what we thought anyway. The home page will feature our most recent articles, while the archives will contain everything we post to the home page FOREVER. At least we hope!

Once you click on an article, you will see a bunch of information on the right side about what is in the archives. You can check out articles by subject, date, tag and author. The right column also lists related materials to the article.

Events Pages

Event pages are a lot like the Location pages. They list some information about the event, what items the event is related to, and a map with contact information. Pretty simple, right? If you have any questions about an event, contact the person listed on the page, not You will get better answers that way.

What do you think?

Pretty darn cool, right? If you are still confused, please contact us and we will try to clarify anything you need help with.