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Recycling Food

The best way to recycle your food scraps at home is by composting. Check out our Home Composting Page for details.

Read below for information on local commercial food scraps collection programs.

Businesses that generate food waste often don't have a good way to compost the food on site. Several area programs can help.

In 2014 the County began a pilot food scraps collection route for customers in the unincorporated area and in the City of Goleta. The program currently diverts over one ton of food scraps per week.

The City of Santa Barbara has had a successful commercial food scraps composting program since 2009. Over 200 businesses now participate, ranging from coffee shops and restaurants to hotels and schools. Read all about the program on the City's Business Food Scraps page. The City also has a program for cooking oil and grease.

Engel and Gray, a local commercial composting company based in Santa Maria, may also be able to accept large amounts of food waste. Contact them via their website.

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