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Plastics 1 & 2  by: Shea Hazarian

Hard plastics #1 and #2 can be recycled in your commingled recycling container at your home, business, apartment, or school.

You can also recycle them at locations listed below.

Plastics #1 and #2 are the most common types of plastic containers and the most easily recyclable. They are also the most likely to have a California Redemption Value (CRV) associated with them. Check out our CRV page for more information.

What do the numbers mean?

Numbers identify what type of plastic it is, and they’re important when the materials get recycled. Click the plastic type below to learn more about each type and what it’s commonly used for.

  • #1 – PET or PETE

    • Full Name: Polyethylene Terephthalate
    • Usually clear or green, glossy, rigid containers that sink in water (not currently recyclable)
    • Clear and green soda bottles (recyclable)
    • Cooking oil bottles, peanut butter jars (recyclable if clean)
    • Salad dressing bottles and other food and drink containers (recyclable if clean)
  • #2 – HDPE

    • Full Name: High Density Polyethylene
    • Usually milky or solid colors and rigid containers
    • Plastic bags (not recyclable). Read how to properly recycle plastic bags.
    • Milk jugs and yogurt or margarine tubs (recyclable if clean)
    • Detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, and other containers (usually recyclable if clean)

Do I need to remove the caps?

Don’t worry about it. Even though plastic containers often have plastic tops with different colors or of a different plastic type, they can be recycled together.

Where can I find more tips for recycling plastics #1 and #2?

Take a look at our Plastic Recycling page or the Recycling FAQ page for more information and tips.

How do I get the CRV?

The California Refund Value is available for beverage containers. Some of the sites below are buyback centers, but not all of them. Check out our CRV Page for details, but if you see “California Refund Value” on a location listed below, it should be a buyback center. Redeem away!

Where to go