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Mulch Madness Begins: Rebates for Mulching!

By Jeff Simeon Feb 23, 2012 in Press Releases - Yard Waste
Mulch in the Garden

Using county mulch could not only save you water and beautify your garden, you could get rebates from your water provider too!

County residents can participate in Mulch Madness by adding mulch to their landscapes to improve the health and water-saving capacity of their gardens - - and certain water providers offer cash rebates to help subsidize the cost of materials. Best of all, those rebates aren’t limited to mulch, but also pertain to other “smart landscaping” improvements
such as switching to drip irrigation, turf removal, planting water-wise plants, and making other changes which reduce water usage in the garden.

Details are at

Many local residents and businesses have participated in the Smart Landscape Rebate Program over the past few years and are enjoying beautiful water wise landscapes and saving money on their water bills. The accompanying before and after photos demonstrate the program results for one local residence in the program.

The County Water Agency is pleased to announce that the Smart Landscape Rebate Program has been extended due to continuation of grant funding from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR). Rebates are available for water customers of the Carpinteria Valley Water District, the City of Santa Barbara, the City of Lompoc, and Vandenberg Village Community Services District.

Program qualifications and rebate amounts vary by participating area, but each program allows rebates for residential properties, including Home Owners Associations (HOAs), as well as commercial and institutional properties. The City of Santa Barbara offers up to $1,000 for single family homes and up to $2,000 to $4,000 for businesses and HOAs. The City of Lompoc and Vandenberg Village have rebates up to $1,000. Carpinteria Valley Water District offers up to $500 for single family homes and businesses and up to $2,000 for qualifying HOAs. To get started, customers in these areas should contact their local water provider before starting projects. Residents should apply as soon as possible while funds are still available.

This program is timely, not just because spring is coming soon, but because the drier-thanusual rainy season reminds us of the need for water-wise landscapes. Now is the time to re-assess our gardens and start spreading Mulch Madness. For more information, residents should contact their water provider or go to