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Recycle Your Christmas Tree Today!

By Jeff Simeon Dec 29, 2011 - Yard Waste

Christmas tree recycling is happening all over Santa Barbara County! Make sure your tree is included.

We have all the details for your area included in our video or by visiting our Christmas tree recycling page!

Start at the beginning!

Only real trees will be accepted, because farmers don't want plastic mulch! Please make sure you remove all ornaments, tinsel and stands before you recycle your tree. If your tree is frocked, please trash it, the frocking doesn't come off and means the tree can't be recycled. Finally, cut large trees, anything over 6 feet, in half. Your trash collector will thank you!

When is my tree collected?

South Coast

If you are a customer of Marborg in the City of Santa Barbara, City of Goleta or Unincorporated County of Santa Barbara, you can have your tree collected during regular green waste or trash days. Just set your tree beside the container.

In the City of Carpinteria, place your trees in or near your green waste cart or trash can on January 5th. E.J. Harrison & Sons will collect trees from their customers on that day.

For owners and managers of multi-unit dwellings: call your waste hauler for Christmas tree recycling details.

North County

If you live in the City of Santa Maria or are a customer of Waste Management put your Christmas trees next to your trash can by 6:00 a.m. on collection days from January 2nd through 6th.

In the City of Lompoc, place their trees next to their trash containers by 7:00 a.m. on January 2nd.

What about if I self haul?
And what happens to the trees?

Make sure you check out, our Christmas tree recycling page, for more details.

Happy Holidays